Past Life Regression

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StairsHave you ever felt like you already know someone you just met?  Have you ever been to a new location and everything felt very familiar?  These encounters may be your soul recognizing experiences from a prior life.  Who you were and the choices you made in a past life affect your current life.  By examining prior lifetimes and accessing higher wisdom, you can bring a sense of peace and understanding to the circumstances of your current life.

What is past life regression? Past life regression is a technique to access the subconscious mind and wise self to extract prior life memories. These experiences often allow a client to gain insight and deeper understanding of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in the client’s current life.

How is regression performed?  The regressionist uses guided imagery and breathing techniques to lead the client to a deep state of relaxation.  This relaxation allows the conscious mind to open and allow access to the subconscious mind. Once in a relaxed state, the regressionist leads the client to a prior lifetime.  The regressionist gently guides the client through many different events of that lifetime to understand the personality and circumstances in that life.  After the past life’s significant events have been experienced, the regressionist will guide the client to a life review.  Life review allows the client the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges, talents, and experiences in the prior life,and how those life lessons can affect life today.

What will it feel like to do a past life regression? During the session the client remains aware and remembers everything that happens.  Using all of the senses, the client may feel as though he/she is actually reliving the lifetime (sensing thoughts and emotions, and seeing the environment in great detail) or the client may feel as though a movie is being watched.

What if I don’t believe in reincarnation? Reincarnation is the belief that after death the soul, or part of soul, is born again in a new body.  Belief in reincarnation is not needed for a past life regression to be successful. All that is needed is a willingness to be regressed and the ability to follow instructions.  The memories that surface may be a real past life or they may be a parable.  What is important is the insight and awareness obtained from the experience, and how it is incorporated into current life.

Will I need more than one session?One session provides a client an opportunity to explore a past life and bring awareness and clarity to issues being faced in current life.  If a client chooses to experience multiple regression this may provide insight into a pattern regarding one area of focus, or allow the client to explore multiple aspects including relationships, personalities, talents, or challenges.  Clients usually regress easier and deeper with each subsequent session and each additional session may provide a more vivid experience.

How much does a past life session cost?  Sessions are $100.

How long is a session?  The first session typically is 1.5 hours to 2 hours including an overview discussion of past life regression.  Future sessions are typically 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

The past life regression session is your journey. The regressionist is the tour guide sharing maps and highlighting stops along the way.  Facilitated and guided by the regressionist, you can enjoy your joyful journey into the past and bring back insight and inspiration to your life today.