The Widening Perspective

Have you ever had an experience that completely changed your perspective of life?  In just one moment, a world you had never considered opens up and changes your views of your past, present and future.  I experienced my first past life regression in 2009.  After I was gracefully guided into a deep relaxation, I visualized myself walking across a bridge and stepped into a prior life.  With dirt beneath my feet and a sense of contentedness in my heart, I observed and explored the thoughts, feelings, sights and sounds of a simple farmer in the United Kingdom in the days of thatched roofs.  The understanding and insight I received about myself during this past life are still vivid in my memory today and have had a positive effect on my views of the present world.  I have since experienced over a dozen regressions to locations all over the globe, both genders, a variety of ethnicities, different mental capacities, the distant and recent past, the future, and have explored the activities between lives as a soul.

How have these regressions widened my perspective?  Knowing the genealogy of my soul, I am aware that I am connected to everywhere, everyone, and everything.  There is no room to be racist, sexist, elitist, mentalist, or pass any other judgment when I have lived a variety of these points of view and all are a part of me and my soul experience.  Love, compassion, and understanding blossom with the willingness to explore the lineage of the soul.

While guiding clients into a past life, I have witnessed their deep realizations regarding relationships, phobias, financial issues, fears, and repeating behavior patterns.  Seeing a current life situation in the context of another life can bring insights and a new perspective which allows people to clear old behavior patterns.   Clients often recognize similarities between their past life and their current life, including hobbies, passions, characteristics, and companions.  With this knowledge, they gain confidence and reignite passions and purpose from knowing that their soul has natural tendencies, gifts and abilities which they may choose to develop further.

These experiences have changed me so profoundly that, as a certified past life regressionist, I am honored to guide others on their journeys to explore the genealogy of their souls.  Are you ready to explore a past life regression to widen your perspective and develop a deeper understanding of yourself?